Decontamination Services

When your bio-safety cabinet, lab equipment or laboratory cleanroom needs decontamination, CERTS will help you determine  the best option for your application. Whether you choose paraformaldehyde, VHP, IHP or chlorine dioxide, CERTS will provide a safe and effective solution for your decontamination needs.

Utilizing a variety of decontamination options, including gas/vapor methods such as hydrogen peroxide vapor, chlorine dioxide gas and formaldehyde vapor, CERTS is your best option for all decontamination applications. When your needs call for the large scale decontamination of cleanrooms, operating theaters, or animal research facilities, contact CERTS.

CERTS partners with its clients to mitigate the potential risks and liabilities involved with the renovation, relocation or demolition of your bio-pharma research or production facility.

CERTS offers:

  • A comprehensive quality system to meet your requirements
  • Customized documentation and technical writing services
  • Responsive service to minimize downtime