Isolator/ Glove Box

self-contained, controlled, clean environment

A self-contained, controlled, clean environment enclosure. An Isolator can be an alternative to a cleanroom. A well-designed positive pressure isolator supported by adequate procedures for maintenance, monitoring and control may be an acceptable alternative to a laminar air flow device and a cleanroom. Negative pressure isolators are often used in USP environments and should be tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications as well as CAG.

Testing Includes

  • Airflow test
  • HEPA filter leak
  • Chamber pressure test
  • Particle counts per ISO 14644
  • Ingress/Egress
  • Airflow visualization/ smoke study
  • Purge time test

Other Services include

  • Site assessment prior to installation
  • HEPA filter replacements
  • Motor replacements
  • Light replacements

Our staff is trained and experienced in compliance with the latest standards:

  • ISO 17025 Certificate
  • ISO 14644
  • NSF-49
  • IEST
  • USP (797/800/795/825)

Our Certifications

ISO 17025 Certificate
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