Environmental Monitoring

CERTS Environment Monitoring services provide customers with peace of mind that they are meeting the requirements defined in their quality assurance programs. Using a variety of industry-standard collection methods, CERTS environmental monitoring services sample room pressurization, temperature, relative humidity and non-viable particulates, and assess microbial sources, potential contamination and control problems within facilities.

Using industry standard collection methods that conform to ISO, USP and ASTM specifications, testing is performed using calibrated NIST traceable sampling equipment and validated microbiological media.

CERTS Environmental Monitoring services:

  • Compressed Gas (ie. Compressed Dry Air) Services
  • Establishment of action and alert limits
  • Analysis of microbial and particulate trends
  • Fungal growth and identification
  • Gram Stain
  • Microbial growth and monitoring programs
  • Microorganism identification
  • Non-viable particulates
  • Passive and active viable air sampling
  • Room pressurization, temperature and relative humidity
  • Viable air and surface sampling