Technician Training

CERTS Technician Training

C.E.R.T.S. maintains a thorough on-going technician training program detailed in our ISO 17025 quality management system to assure that field technicians meet the required level of proficiency as defined by industry standards and practices. Prior to any field work, technicians go through a complete training program that begins with classroom training at C.E.R.T.S. on-site Testing Facility and concludes with field training. Training criteria is based upon equipment manufacturers’ guidelines and recommendations for operation and applicable standards and recommended practices approved by C.E.R.T.S. Management.

Our staff is trained and experienced in compliance with the latest standards:

  • ISO 17025 Certificate
  • ISO 14644
  • NSF-49
  • IEST
  • USP (797/800/795/825)

Our Certifications

ISO 17025 Certificate
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