Laminar Flow Bench

CERTS offers comprehensive testing, certification and maintenance of unidirectional flow devices (laminar flow benches). Our skilled technicians are authorized to perform warranty repairs for all major equipment manufacturers. All testing is performed in accordance with established CERTS standard operating procedures, which are updated to remain compliant with federal and international standards, current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) and IEST RP’s.

Testing includes:

  • HEPA filter integrity testing – demonstrates that no contamination will enter the work area through our around the supply filter
  • Airflow velocity profile – documents that the air in the work area is unidirectional, within velocity specifications, preventing cross contamination
  • Non-viable particle counting – performed in accordance with ISO 14644 and reports the amount of particulate,¬†within the work area.
  • Viable (Microbial) in accordance with ISO 14698 and other applicable standards.
  • Vibration testing – assures that product is not subject to damage due to vibration
  • Sound testing – verifies that using the hood will not contribute to worker fatigue

Other Services include:

  • Site assessment prior to installation
  • HEPA filter replacements
  • Motor replacements
  • Light replacements